How To Buy Solo Ads – Without Getting Ripped Off!

A few days ago I bought a solo ad and the seller tried to rip me off! I thought I’d do a quick post to say how I spotted it, and got a full refund.

I’d never dealt with the guy before, but his testimonials seemed pretty good. I bought 500 clicks for $125 which was cheap… Normally I’d have expected to pay around $200 (More about that later!)

The alarm bells started tinkling when I noticed that by the end of the day I’d only had 53 clicks and the opt in rate WAY below normal. I checked the stats and saw the traffic I was getting was horrendous… Just 4% tier 1. Read the rest of this entry

How To Build A List With Solo Ads And Ad Swaps



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I love listbuilding… And the way I get most of my traffic is with solo ads.  I’m often asked how to go about doing solo ads and ad swaps, so when I got the chance of getting some videos I thought I’d put them on my site.

You can access them simply by clicking on the tab above that says “Solo Ads And Swaps Tutorial”.

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