Hi Guys!

I get asked this question quite a lot so I though I’d
try to take some of the mystery out of it!

If you’re thinking of building a list or are actually in
the process of building one then you really need to know this!

In case you don’t know the difference between
single opt-in and double opt-in, keep reading
and all will become clear…

There are advantages and disadvantages to both
methods, and only you can decide what is best
for you… But Ill try to help you.

Some marketers will tell you to use single opt-in,
while others will tell you to use double opt-in…
It’s no wonder people get confused!

I’ve got several lists. On some I use single opt-in,
and double opt-in on others… So I’ve got a pretty
good idea of what I’m talking about.


Single Opt-In

This is the easiest process for subscribers to join
your list… They simply enter their email address,
and hit enter… Sorted! They’re on your list!

Unfortunately, lots of people will enter a fake email
addresses, and because there’s no check they still
get the free gift, and get onto your list.

This means that the number of “bounces” (undeliverable)
emails you send will be high.

Now, I get most of my traffic from buying solo ads
(please note… I don’t sell solo ads). Now solo ad
traffic by it’s very nature contains a lot of “freebie seekers”…
people who’s sole intent is to get something for free.

Now don’t get me wrong… I love solo ads. And my very first
$1000+ commission actually came from a “freebie seeker”.
The chances are fairly good that you’re on my list through
a solo ad.

In general, this traffic does not like having to
confirm their email addresses… It’s not “good quality”
traffic that wants to part with money.

But the thing is that this traffic is pretty cheap, so
I’m prepared to compromise… Hoping that I can convert
some of these people into “buyers”.

Another thing you have to do is to keep an eye on your
lists in your autoresponder… You need to regularly
“prune” your lists by deleting “undeliverables” (probably
fakes), unopens… people who haven’t opened any of your
emails for a while, and unsubscribes.

Remember… just because somebody has unsubscribed from
your list you may still be paying for them. You MUST
delete them. I know this is true in Aweber.

And talking of unsubscribes… You will get far more
unsubscribes from a single opt-in list.

A couple of days ago I went through my lists using the
criteria above… undeliverable, unsubscribes, and unopens
(people who hadn’t opened an email in the last six months).
The result was that I deleted just over 2500 addresses
from my lists…

It hurts… Believe me. But you’ve just got to do it!


Double Opt-In

With a double opt-in the would-be subscriber has one
extra step to perform compared to a single opt-in…

When the person enters his email address and hits
enter, he is automatically sent an email asking to
confirm his request…

If he clicks a link to confirm, then the process continues the
same way as for a single opt-in…

If he doesn’t click the link to confirm, then the process
comes to a stop. End of sports.

It’s this extra step that gets rid of the fake emails…

And because the person has taken that extra step to get
onto your list it generally means that they are more
committed to find out what you’ve got to offer than the
“freebie seekers”, so your unsubscribe rate will be lower.



So… I hope you can see that it’s a bit of a compromise…

Single opt-in equals more subscribers (but lower “quality”).
More undeliverable emails. More unopens. More unsubscribes.
So you really must keep an eye on your autoresponder statistics
and delete “people” you don’t want.

Double opt-in equals fewer subscribers (but they’ll probably
be “better quality”). Your undeliverable emails will be much lower.
Unopens should be lower (because your subscribers are actually
interested), and your unsubscribes should be lower for the same reason.

If you’re undecided as to which method to use then why not use
single opt-in for, say, two weeks then change over to double
opt-in and compare the results after another two weeks…

I use Aweber and changing from one to the other is simply a
matter of “flicking a switch”.

Simply go to your dashboard and find “List Options” as shown below, and Click it…









Click “Confirmed Opt-In” and you’ll see the screen below…






If you click “ON” then you’ve got double opt-in… “OFF” for single opt-in.


So there you have it! I hope this post has been of help!

By the way… I mentioned earlier that I get most of my subscribers by buying solo ads.

Glen Hopkins has a great course that teaches everything you need to
know about buying and using solo ads. It’s called…



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See you soon,












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