Hi Guys!

It’s not so long ago (probably less than a year) that I used to
cringe at the thought of writing an email or a blog post.

I was scared… scared of what people would think if I cocked-up…
Scared that people wouldn’t like me or what I said…
Scared of making a fool of myself…

Just… well, scared…!

And if you’re scared of something you try to avoid doing it!
That’s the worst possible thing you can do with email marketing…
You MUST email your list regularly or they’ll simply forget you!

Anyway, I used to sit for hours wondering what the hell to write.
I’d have a blank sheet of A4 and a pencil, and when a thought
finally came I’d write it out in long hand.

Then I’d read it over and over, change a word here and there,
put in a comma or a colon. When I thought it read fairly well
I’d type it into a word processor, usually Open Office…

I’d run the spell checker to make sure it was okay. Sometimes
I’d then paste it into one of those online grammar checkers to
make sure my grammar was okay…

The result was a piece of crap that took twenty times longer to
write than it should have… Good Grief!

 I tried to get it perfect… HUGE MISTAKE!

Nowadays I simply open notepad and start typing… I know that when I paste it into Aweber the spelling will be checked.

Do I make cock-ups? Hell yes! Sometimes I read an email AFTER I’ve
sent it and seen mistakes… I’ve even forgotten to put in links!


Every marketer on this planet makes cock-ups… It’s because
we’re all human!

It’s a thousand times better to send out a piece of crap than
nothing at all. Please believe me… I speak from experience!

I am on several marketers’ lists to see what they’re up to…
What they’re promoting… How they write their emails…

This is a HUGE tip… you can learn a tremendous amount from
reading emails… both how to do it… and how NOT to do it.

So how do you write the perfect email?


Just get typing away… Just get it done! Some people will love
what you say while others won’t…


It’s strange… weird, even. The more you write, the easier it
gets. And the more you write you’ll find that your “style” of
writing begins to change… It’s almost like a mutation… honest!

After a while you’ll find that you’ve got a list of people
who “love you” while the people who don’t have dropped away.

Nobody likes unsubscribes… but I’d far rather have 1,000 people
who love me than 10,000 who don’t give a toss!

Mark Thompson is a British marketer who now lives in Spain… lucky sod!

I’ve mentioned him before and almost certainly will again. You
see, he’s one of the best email marketers I’ve come across.

Way back in June 2009 when I was struggling to make my first
buck online I “discovered” him… and I’ve followed his teachings
ever since…

And bought all his products!

I’ve learned more off this guy than anyone… total truth!

If you’re looking for a quick fix shiny object then Mark is
NOT the guy to learn from…

If your looking for a GENUINE way to make money online with
email marketing… and you’re prepared to do a little work…
then read on!

TRUE STORY… back a few weeks ago Mark sent out a broadcast to
his list. The email was brilliant! So I hit reply and told him
so… I even asked if he minded if a pinched a few ideas…

He wrote back and said: “Sure… as long as you don’t mind if I
use your email.”

I didn’t know it at the time but Mark was putting the finishing
touches to his new product “The Email Marketers Handbook“.

…And there on page 18 is my name and email! I’m famous!!!

The Email Marketers Handbook is a whacking great 130 pages of
pure content… You get lifetime updates… And cracking bonus videos…

No fluff… no hype… no bullshit… just great information
that goes into every detail of not just HOW to build your list…

But (more importantly) HOW to build a RELATIONSHIP with your
list so’s they’ll “love you” and WANT to buy from you!

Even the autoresponder and squeeze page set up is covered in
the smallest detail.

Do I have a copy? What do you think? (Okay, so I got a discount!)

Think you can make a living online from buying a $5 shiny object…?
You’ve got no chance… Dream on!

Do yourself a HUGE favour and get “The Email Marketers Handbook“.Yes… you’ll have to do a little bit of work (sorry!) but you’ll
have something that really can show you how to make a shit-load
of money for years to come!

Ooops… Nearly forgot… Mega-bonus:

You also get access to Mark’s members-only Facebook group. Mark is
there regularly  to answer all your questions and help you along

See you on the Dark Side!

Robert ” I love Mark Thompson but don’t tell my wife” Watkins
P.S. Do nothing and that’s exactly what you’ll get!



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