How To Write A Blog Post When You Don’t Know How To Write A Blog Post

Hi Guys!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I don’t like writing blog posts! And when you don’t like doing something you tend to avoid it like the plague!

… Which is a shame.

In May I wrote a post called “I’m A “Born-Again” Blogger! …Well, Almost

Back then this crappy little blog was getting around 300 visits a month…. There were more tumble weeds blowing through it than a ghost town in an old Western movie.

I just checked my stats and last month (August) it got 1775 visits… That’s an increase of nearly 500% and all because I did a few posts.

Okay, so 1775 visits isn’t a HUGE amount by any standards, but I’m also getting a few opt-ins every day… Which means I’m adding targeted subscribers to my list for free! Yippee!



I used to believe that a blog was a method of providing people with information (which it is). But I now think it’s more than that…

Question: How many of the so-called “guru’s” blogs have you landed on and been faced  with such a HUGE  block of text that your sphincter twitches before you even start to read?

And when you pluck up enough courage to begin reading you discover that the post has got as much life as a cat that’s just been run over by an articulated truck…

squashed kitten






There’s no line-spacing… No commas… No full stops (periods)… No paragraphs… No ellipses… (Yikes!)

It’s at this point that self-mutilation seems more exciting than reading any more of the crap…

I’ve now realised that a blog post should be more than just a source of information… It should be fun too!

Yep… Fun! A place where a visitor can be entertained.

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder… Not everyone has the same “tastes”…

Some people will think that what you write is a steaming pile of shite… In which case there’s a big X in the top right hand corner…

Others will love what you write and think it’s a real work of art and come back for more…

mona lisa after a night on the vodka






Oh yes… How DO you write a blog post when you don’t know how to write a blog post?

… I’ve just done it!

If you’ve enjoyed reading this post… If you’ve been entertained for a few minutes… Then I’d love to hear from you. Just enter a comment – Good or bad! I’m big and tough and stupid so you won’t offend me!

See you soon,


IMPORTANT P.S… No cats were harmed during the making of this blog post! It’s a public domain image!














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