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The time has now come to to get your website installed. You’ve got a choice here as to whether you install a blog or a static html page.

A static html page is what’s used for such things as squeeze pages, sales pages and download pages etc. They’re called “static” because once they’re created they don’t change.

I strongly suggest you start off with a blog, in which case you’ll install WordPress.  (You can easily put an opt-in box in blog posts, pages and sidebars to build your list, just as I’ve done in this blog).

(In a future posts I’ll tell you how to go about creating and uploading a static html page to your site).

Right… here we go!

Just in case you don’t know, WordPress is a brilliant free blogging platform that really is a marketer’s best friend.

Installing WordPress is dead easy, especially if you’ve got something on your hosting called “cpanel”. If you got your hosting with Hostgator  then you’ll have a cpanel. Most companies do have cpanel, but a few don’t, so I’ve added a second video on how to install it without cpanel.

(Note: I strongly suggest that you use your name as the username… NOT “admin”)

Watch The Video Below To Learn How To Install WordPress Automatically With Cpanel

Watch The Video Below To Learn How To Install WordPress Manually With TFP



Won’t be long before you’re ready to do some blogging…  But there’s just a couple of things you need to do first.

Nothing difficult… and it won’t take long. Go take a look at the next post…



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