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You want visitors to your blog to land on your “Home Page”. This is where you create posts… and your blog evolves as your “journey” progresses.

You should, however, also create extra pages…

Now a page is far more “static” than a post… Once created a page more or less stays as it is unless you want to alter it for some reason. So why would you want to create pages?

Well… a good example would be to provide extra information.

You’ll see that I’ve a few pages at the moment… A “home” page, an “About Me” page”, a “Contact”  page, a “Privacy Policy” page, and I’ve got a page at the moment called “WordPress Tutorials” where I’m adding videos. I also plan to add a page in the near future for list building tutorial videos.

I strongly suggest you start off with the following:  Home page… This is where you do your posts

  • About Me… Tell your visitors a little about yourself and maybe add a photo.
  • Contact… Just provide an email address
  • Privacy Policy… This is more to keep the search engines happy! An easy way to do this is with a plugin called “Easy Privacy Policy”. I’ll be covering plugins pretty soon, so don’t panic!

Just take a look at the page tabs above to see what I’m on about!


Take a look at the video below to see how to add a “Page” to your site.











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