How To Buy Solo Ads – Without Getting Ripped Off!

A few days ago I bought a solo ad and the seller tried to rip me off! I thought I’d do a quick post to say how I spotted it, and got a full refund.

I’d never dealt with the guy before, but his testimonials seemed pretty good. I bought 500 clicks for $125 which was cheap… Normally I’d have expected to pay around $200 (More about that later!)

The alarm bells started tinkling when I noticed that by the end of the day I’d only had 53 clicks and the opt in rate WAY below normal. I checked the stats and saw the traffic I was getting was horrendous… Just 4% tier 1.

I messaged the guy straight away and told him his traffic was shit, and said that if he was using a rotator (which I’m certain he was) then he should stop sending as soon as possible… And I’d be requesting a full refund.

A few “heated” messages went back and forth and I could clearly see he was bullshitting me and digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole!  At which point I said I wouldn’t do a bad review of him in return for a full refund…

Result! I got a full refund… And the traffic miraculously stopped, proving he was using a rotator.

So why was his traffic so bad? Well, I’m pretty certain he was selling top tier solo ads by filtering them through his rotator… And all the crappy clicks he filtered off he was selling off cheaply… To me!

So how do you protect yourself? Here’s a few tips…

If it seems too good to be true then it probably is! We all love a bargain… But be careful!

Buy your solos on a good quality site that protects the buyer… And you can see how many clicks you’re getting and what country      they’re coming from. I buy nearly all my clicks at udimi.  It’s a great site and totally free to join! Luckily I bought this solo on udimi. (When buying on udimi I don’t usually bother using my own tracking software… It’s all done for you!)

Get yourself some really good tracking software. (Not essential if you buy on udimi). I use Quality Click Control… It does EVERYTHING except take the dog for a walk (and I’m working on that!). Link cloaking, ad rotating, country filtering etc etc… A really great piece of kit that’s widely acknowledged as the very best!
The bottom line is: If you want a safe way to buy solo ads go to…


And don’t forget it’s FREE to join!





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