Have You Got Aweber? Then Dump Internet Explorer!


please wait!The “wheel” was spinning round and round… The message said “please wait”…

So I waited… and waited…

And waited…

I’ve had Aweber for just over four years, so I’m not exactly a stranger to it… But I’ve never had this problem before. All I was trying to do was paste an email into the html broadcast editor.

…And waited.

I was into the second day of waiting when I decided enough was enough and sent an email to Aweber’s tech support.  Just a few minutes later (Aweber are super-quick!) I got a reply: “Try clearing your browser’s cache.”

Tried it… Didn’t work… Promptly replied to nice man at Aweber: “Didn’t Work!”

Nice man at Aweber: “What browser are you using?”

Me: “Internet Explorer”

Nice man at Aweber: “Aha… Very problematic… Try Firefox or Chrome”

The penny dropped… (British expression which means something like you’ve just been hit on the side of the head with a sledge hammer)… You see, my computer was in for repair so I was using my wife’s laptop.

I always use Firefox, but it wasn’t installed on my wife’s laptop… and I’m none too keen on Chrome… So I was using IE.

I switched browser to Chrome and Hey Presto! It worked straight away.

What really threw me was the fact that I’d been using my Aweber’s broadcaster on Internet Explorer for two days without problem, and only on the third day did it decide to stop working.

Morale of the story: If you’ve got Aweber then dump Internet Explorer!






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