I’ve decided to start “recycling” some of my email broadcasts and making them into blog posts. Yep, I’ve gone all green… or maybe it’s that dodgy curry I had last night!

Anyway, here’s the first. It’s all about getting a domain for your squeeze page so’s you can start building your list…

I’m really lucky where I live. Just a few minutes and a couple
of hundred yards walk and I’m up on the mountainside looking
down across the valley. Just got back taking Buster, our bichon
frise, for a stroll.

Now if anyone tells you that a bichon frise is a lap dog don’t
believe them. Ours thinks he’s a springer spaniel… He’ll walk
all day long! (Unlike yours truly!).

I spent ages just staring up at two red kites hovering totally
motionless as if they’d been nailed to the sky! Fantastic!

Okay, back to the plot!

If you listen to the so-called “gurus” they’ll tell you
that the very first thing to do is build a list.

But there’s a few things you need to do first. And number
one is to get a domain so that you’ve got somewhere put
your squeeze page.

But what name do you use?

Hmmm… Take a look at what the visitors to your squeeze page are
interested in. Let’s say it’s list building.

A great domain name would be www.listbuilding.com
Of course you’ve got no chance! This domain was registered in 2000
and I bet they want to keep it! Or sell it for a small fortune!

So get creative! Get a piece of paper (or use notepad) and start
churning the grey matter around.

Now,  I own www.listbuildingdemon.com with which I’m quite happy.

So, thinking along these lines maybe, you could try:
or listbuildingmagic.com
or listbuildingsniper.com
or listbuildingexplosion.com

etc. etc. etc.  I think you get the picture!

(I haven’t checked… I’ve no idea if these are available).

Now, with a squeeze page you’re going to be sending traffic
to it (either free or paid), as opposed to the search engines finding
it “organically”. So search engine optimization doesn’t really
come into it. But I’d still use a .com extension if possible…
it looks more professional.

(To contradict that slightly, I do have one .info for a squeeze page.
The people landing on your squeeze page are, after all, looking for

A great place to buy domains is GoDaddy. The main reason is that
they’re cheap and their customer service is good.

So get over to GoDaddy and see what domains are available that suite
your niche.

BTW… DON’T buy anything else from GoDaddy… no hosting, no emails etc etc.
(Though you may want to consider paying to keep your details private if
you want. Personally I don’t bother).
We’ll sort out these things soon enough in my next post which will be on hosting.

Take care!

Speak soon,

Robert “what’s in a domain name” Watkins

P.S  Don’t put it off! Get over to GoDaddy and get it sorted.
The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll see the cash

GoDaddy - World's #1 Domain Registrar


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