Forgotten WordPress Username? Want To Change WordPress Username? Don’t Panic!

Forgotten WordPress Username? Want To Change WordPress Username? Don’t Panic!

Hi Guys!

I had a problem a short while back where I was trying to install WordPress onto one of my domains. It was a domain that I’d bought four or five years ago and had only ever used it for a squeeze page… Or so I thought!

It turned out that I’d accidentally installed WordPress on it instead of one of my other domains! Yep… I’m a moron!

Of course, I had no idea what the username or password were… Here’s how to get around it if you can access your cpanel… You can also use this method to change your WordPress username and/or password.


Log into your cpanel and look for “phpMyAdmin” as in the screenshot below…






Step 2

Click on the “phpMyAdmin” and you’ll see something like the image below. Now if you’ve got several domains like me, you’ll have to look through them until you find the right one. If you’ve only got one domain then you’re laughing!

What you’re looking for is one of the _wrdpX (where X is a number)


Now I’ve already looked through these and I know that the one I want is  _wrdp1. ( I’m showing you this one because it’s an old domain that I no longer own but haven’t deleted.  Hey! I might be dull, but I’m not totally stupid!).

Step 3

Okay… In this case I know I want _wrdp1 so I’m gonna click on it (or search through them if I didn’t know) and I’ll get taken to the screenshot below…


You can see at the bottom of the second column “wp_users”  and this is exactly what we’re looking for! Click on it and you see the screenshot below…




And there it is! You can see from the image above that the “user_login” is “videocreation” and next to it is the encrypted password!

If I click on the current username I can change it to whatever I want!





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  1. Chris Cole says:

    Thanks for this great tip Robert. I enjoyed this post, it’s something that we all could eventually do, and I love to learn how to get around problems JUST like this!
    Chris Cole recently posted…Digital Millionaire Bootcamp Review From Inside the Members AreaMy Profile

  2. Hey Robert, very useful information thanks. There is just one item that needs clarifying though.

    In your blog post, you say that, in the password field you can “just type in anything you want”.

    However, the user_pass field is what’s called MD5 encrypted, that’s why it’s full of gobbledygook type characters.

    So you can’t just type in a password of your choice into this field.

    Instead, you have to run your desired password through an MD5 encryption routine. Luckily, I have one for you right here …

    Enter your desired password into the ‘input’ field.
    Click on the ‘MD5’ button next to Calculate …
    And your result is provided. Paste it into the user_pass field in your user details line in the wp_users table.
    Click ‘Change’ to save the amended password.

    Note that your new password has now taken effect.

    Hope that helps Robert 🙂
    Paul Henderson recently posted…How Do YOU Treat a Dissatisfied Customer?My Profile

    • Hi Paul!

      Many thanks! Yep… I cocked that bit up and I’ve now corrected it.
      The main point was to recover or change the username, and I should have
      left it at that!

      Thanks again,

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