Email Formatting Tool That’s Dead Easy To Use… And It’s Free!


Hi Guys!

Earlier this year I searched around for software that I could use to format my emails (you don’t have to use it just for emails… ). I tried loads of different products. In the end I gave up and went back to good ‘ol notepad.

Anyway… Now I’ve found the answer! It’s a cracking piece of software that’s brilliantly simple… And simply brilliant! There’s a free version and a “pro” version which for just $4.95 gives you a spell checker and “no nag” screen.


To see why I’m excited just read the email that I produced using FORMATPAD  and sent to my lists…


Hi Guys!

At Last! A cracking piece of software that’s dead
easy to use, and is something I know I’m going to
use just about every day… And it’s free!

It’s called FormatPad.

Going back a few months ago I had a look around
for a tool that would format my emails for me. I
tried several, both free and paid for…

…but they were either too cumbersome, or needed
degree in metaphysics to get them to work !

The result was that I went back to good old
notepad and guessed at the length of the lines.

The line length is preset at either 50 or 60
characters (or you set them to a “custom” length
of whatever you want).

I like my line length to be around 50 characters,
which exactly what I set it to when I typed up
this email!

Another thing I found useful…

I like to keep my paragraphs short… 3 or 4
lines… very rarely 5 or more. By clicking on the
“Format Text” button as you go along you can see
exactly how your email is going to look!

Yep… this email was produced using Format Pad…

You can get it for free, or for just $4.95 you can
get the “Pro” version which has a spell checker
and a “no nag” screen.

I splashed out $4.95 and it’s the most useful tool
I’ve bought so far this year.

Go take a look…

>>>> FORMATPAD <<<<

See you soon,
Robert “happy bunny” Watkins

P.S. Free is good. $4.95 is excellent! FORMATPAD



Yep… The above email was produced using FORMATPAD. I’m really over the moon with it.

Go take a look…

>>>> FORMATPAD <<<<


Speak soon,






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