Just taking Buster for his evening walk when it dawned on me that
it’s my youngest son’s birthday in two days. (He’s 34. Shit…
I’m getting old!).

“No big deal,” I hear you say. Well, the problem is he lives and
works in Shanghai so it’s not quite as easy as simply putting
some money in a birthday card and posting it…

He’d probably get it in time for Christmas (if the Shanghai
postman doesn’t pinch it… I speak from experience!).

Ah well, daddy’ll just have to transfer some money into his account!

On with business!

By now you should have set up a domain and got hosting. There’s
just one thing you need to do now before getting an autoresponder
and that’s link the two together.

Don’t panic… it’s dead easy.

When you signed up your Hostgator hosting you’d have got an email
with all your account details. Open this now and you’ll see information
on your “nameservers.” (there’ll be two).

Simply open up your “domain manager” where you bought your domain,
look for “nameservers”, and copy and paste in these two bits of info.

Hey Presto! Sorted! It’ll take a little time for the change to take
place, but you’ve now got you’re website up and running!

Your Autoresponder… is one of the best tools you’ll ever have, so
get it right first time!

I started off with Aweber in February 2010 (Yep, I wish I’d started sooner!).
In that time I’ve had no problems whatsoever. Now, obviously, I can only
speak for Aweber because it’s the only one I use!

It’s really easy to use, and it’s got a shed-load of features (some
you’ll never use… I sure don’t). If you ever get stuck there’s
plenty of great tutorials…

Plus their customer support is fantastic. Ask them a question and
they’ll bend over backwards to help.

So that’s basically it for Aweber… dead easy. Get over there and
sign up now, it’s only $1 for the first month!

Click here for Aweber!

Wont be long now before you’re ready to collect some names and do some
real marketing! We need to get some graphics to make your site look
pretty. We’ll sort that out in the next email.

Speak soon,

Robert ” I love Aweber” Watkins

P.S   Don’t put it off! Get over to Aweber and get it sorted.
The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll see the cash.

P.P.S   I’ve decided to put these emails onto my much-neglected blog
so you can refer back to them. (Yep… I’m all heart!).

Find them here:

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