How To Buy Solo Ads – Without Getting Ripped Off!

How To Buy Solo Ads – Without Getting Ripped Off!

A few days ago I bought a solo ad and the seller tried to rip me off! I thought I’d do a quick post to say how I spotted it, and got a full refund.

I’d never dealt with the guy before, but his testimonials seemed pretty good. I bought 500 clicks for $125 which was cheap… Normally I’d have expected to pay around $200 (More about that later!)

The alarm bells started tinkling when I noticed that by the end of the day I’d only had 53 clicks and the opt in rate WAY below normal. I checked the stats and saw the traffic I was getting was horrendous… Just 4% tier 1. Read the rest of this entry

How To Build A List With Solo Ads And Ad Swaps



Thanks for dropping by!

I love listbuilding… And the way I get most of my traffic is with solo ads.  I’m often asked how to go about doing solo ads and ad swaps, so when I got the chance of getting some videos I thought I’d put them on my site.

You can access them simply by clicking on the tab above that says “Solo Ads And Swaps Tutorial”.

Before you go, don’t forget to get my FREE listbuilding and email marketing ebook at the link below…






Let’s be honest, I’m not exactly a prolific blogger! So when I do a post there’s got to be a pretty good reason!

And today’s “pretty good reason”  is Listbuilding Nexus by Mark Thompson!

I’m not going to bore you to death by saying how much money you can make with email marketing… Or how important it is for EVERY marketer to build a list…

Nearly every “guru” on the planet will tell you the same thing… And then go on to sell you some really crappy product that makes him money… And nobody else!

Truth is I love email marketing… Read the rest of this entry

Have You Got Aweber? Then Dump Internet Explorer!

Have You Got Aweber? Then Dump Internet Explorer!


please wait!The “wheel” was spinning round and round… The message said “please wait”…

So I waited… and waited…

And waited…

I’ve had Aweber for just over four years, so I’m not exactly a stranger to it… But I’ve never had this problem before. All I was trying to do was paste an email into the html broadcast editor.

…And waited.

Read the rest of this entry

Master Plan Academy – What’s It All About?

Master Plan Academy – What’s It All About?

Wow… My very first blog post for over four months! How time flies when you’re having fun!

And talking of “fun” I’ll be perfectly honest and say right now that to me blogging is not really my “sport”… It’s about as much “fun” as going to the dentist for some root canal work, or sitting through the film “Gravity” and trying to stay awake without screaming…

But a man’s got to do…

I thought long and hard (okay… so it took about ten seconds) to decide what to write this post about.

mpa imageYou see, exactly one month ago I came across the Master Plan Academy… it’s  by a fellow Welshman named Anthony Tilley. Now I’ll tell you from the start that this isn’t some crappy $7 ebook or Warrior Special Offer…

(Do you really think you’re gonna get rich by reading one of them? I’ll ask you this time next year the same question!)

…The Master Plan Academy is a “top of the range” training and mentoring program that’s designed to turn even a complete and utter beginner into a fully fledged and money-making internet marketer in as short as time as possible…

Virtually everything you need is provided:

  • Weekly in-depth training videos
  • Free products to build your lists (yes, lists… plural)
  • Squeeze pages
  • Email swipes
  • Sales funnels
  • How to get all the traffic you can handle
  • Super-fast support by Anthony himself (if you ever need it!)

The only things you’ll need if you haven’t already got them is hosting, a domain, and an Aweber account.

The Master Plan Academy is all about building email lists and making money through affiliate sales, and using Anthony’s training it took me exactly one week (almost to the minute!) to make my first commission, and (to date) I’ve made three more since.

“Aha!” I hear you say… “But you already had a list… That’s cheating!”

Nope… All the sales came from a list that was specifically created for this course. And it’s not even very big (actually it’s tiny)… As I type this post the list size stands at just 287… But it’s growing  quickly.

And remember… I’m only half-way through the course and already making money!

If you’d like to check out the Master Plan Academy and see how you can change your life for the better, just click the link below then enter your very best email… AND SMILE!














Forgotten WordPress Username? Want To Change WordPress Username? Don’t Panic!

Hi Guys!

I had a problem a short while back where I was trying to install WordPress onto one of my domains. It was a domain that I’d bought four or five years ago and had only ever used it for a squeeze page… Or so I thought!

It turned out that I’d accidentally installed WordPress on it instead of one of my other domains! Yep… I’m a moron! Read the rest of this entry

Email Formatting Tool That’s Dead Easy To Use… And It’s Free!


Hi Guys!

Earlier this year I searched around for software that I could use to format my emails (you don’t have to use it just for emails… ). I tried loads of different products. In the end I gave up and went back to good ‘ol notepad.

Anyway… Now I’ve found the answer! It’s a cracking piece of software that’s brilliantly simple… And simply brilliant! There’s a free version and a “pro” version which for just $4.95 gives you a spell checker and “no nag” screen.


To see why I’m excited just read the email that I produced using FORMATPAD  and sent to my lists…


Hi Guys!

At Last! A cracking piece of software that’s dead
easy to use, and is something I know I’m going to
use just about every day… And it’s free!

It’s called FormatPad.

Going back a few months ago I had a look around
for a tool that would format my emails for me. I
tried several, both free and paid for…

…but they were either too cumbersome, or needed
degree in metaphysics to get them to work !

The result was that I went back to good old
notepad and guessed at the length of the lines.

The line length is preset at either 50 or 60
characters (or you set them to a “custom” length
of whatever you want).

I like my line length to be around 50 characters,
which exactly what I set it to when I typed up
this email!

Another thing I found useful…

I like to keep my paragraphs short… 3 or 4
lines… very rarely 5 or more. By clicking on the
“Format Text” button as you go along you can see
exactly how your email is going to look!

Yep… this email was produced using Format Pad…

You can get it for free, or for just $4.95 you can
get the “Pro” version which has a spell checker
and a “no nag” screen.

I splashed out $4.95 and it’s the most useful tool
I’ve bought so far this year.

Go take a look…

>>>> FORMATPAD <<<<

See you soon,
Robert “happy bunny” Watkins

P.S. Free is good. $4.95 is excellent! FORMATPAD



Yep… The above email was produced using FORMATPAD. I’m really over the moon with it.

Go take a look…

>>>> FORMATPAD <<<<


Speak soon,






Ever Bought A Crappy Shiny Object? Now Get Your Own Back!


Hi Guys!

Have you ever bought a shiny object?

Go on… admit it! We’re all friends here… There’s nothing to be ashamed of, honestly.

I know I have… tons of them. They’re sitting on my hard drive just taking up space. Over the last few years I really do hate to think how much I’ve spent… Certainly hundreds… Probably thousands…

gold-65823_150It’s at this point that I’ve got to say that I really can’t remember the term “shiny objects” being around for more than a couple of years… Certainly the junk products were… but they just weren’t called “shiny objects”.

I reckon the marketer who came up with that name had a stoke of genius…

Probably he was sending out a broadcast to his list and telling his subscribers how totally crappy everybody else’s products were but his new product was unbelievable brilliant…

…And then went on to promote the biggest crock of shit ever to hit the internet…

And so the “shiny object” was born!

Read the rest of this entry

Email Marketing… Don’t follow The Sheep!

Email Marketing… Don’t follow The Sheep!


Hi Guys!

Well it’s been a glorious morning here in south Wales… Clear blue sky with just a few fluffy white clouds…
Shite… This is starting to sound like a yogurt commercial!

And talking of shite, I’ve just got back  from taking Buster, our bichon frise, for a walk up the mountain…









Now, here in Wales one thing we’ve no shortage of is sheep! There’s millions of the wooly critters.  Of course, sheep are pretty harmless (unlike some internet marketers) unless they decide to butt you… That hurts!

But they do have a a very nasty by-product… Which is tons of crap. Which, thinking about it, is very much like a lot of unscrupulous internet marketers!

email marketing sheep talking








Read the rest of this entry

How To Write A Blog Post When You Don’t Know How To Write A Blog Post

Hi Guys!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I don’t like writing blog posts! And when you don’t like doing something you tend to avoid it like the plague!

… Which is a shame.

In May I wrote a post called “I’m A “Born-Again” Blogger! …Well, Almost

Back then this crappy little blog was getting around 300 visits a month…. There were more tumble weeds blowing through it than a ghost town in an old Western movie. Read the rest of this entry

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